October 31, 2007

Sad dog


Here is Füles, genuine Hungarian braque (vizsla). His owner is gone for a few days, and Füles awaits sadly at the barrier. This dog is intelligent and athletic, and very friendly.

Apukám Németországba utazott! Füles, a kutyánk szomorúan várja őt a kerítés mellett. Füles egy magyar vizsla "szerűség". Okos és sportos, imádja az embereket.

Voici Füles, authentique braque hongrois. Son maître est parti pour quelques jours, et Füles l'attend tristement à la barrière. C'est un chien intelligent et sportif, et très amical.


J.A. said...

Beautiful photos, and also very sensitive to living beings: the kind of photos I like the most. Congratulations.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

I agree with your words...the dog is very friendly....we had quite the same dog in the past...is was a German Braque but with speckles of color in B&W...her name was " happy "
Your picture remind me this happy times with it...

Elise said...

Actually, I usually am afraid of dogs... but this one, every time he sees me, seems sooooo happy, that the only fear I can have is for my clothes and my hands because of his slobbery welcome!