October 23, 2007


A Sentence About Tyranny (Extract)

"whose tyranny supplies
the long goodbyes;
the words of parting,
the will-you-be-home-soon-darling?

in the street manners, the meetings
and half-hearted greetings,
the handshakes and the alarm
of the weak hand in your palm,

he's there when your loved one's face
turns suddenly to ice
he accompanies you
to tryst or rendezvous

not just in the grilling
but in the cooing and the billing,
in your words of love he'll appear
like a dead fly in your beer"

Illyés Gyula

A young man from Pilisvörösvár is dead during the 1956 revolution : Lajos Fedor, 20 years old. His name was engraved on a monument on Heroes Square in 2005.

Városunknak egy 56-os hősi halottja van; FEDOR LAJOS. 20 évesen egy géppisztoly végzett vele. Neki állítottak 2005-ben emléket a Hősök terén.

Un jeune homme de Pilisvörösvár est mort lors de la révolution de 1956 . Lajos Fedor, 20 ans. Son nom a été gravé sur un monument de la place des Héros en 2005.
Une phrase sur la Tyrannie, poème de Gyula Illyés

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