February 10, 2008

Slow construction

This house is in this state for more than twenty years. It will likely never be finished, but we don't know exactly why.

Romos ház. Emlékszem, akkor kezdték építeni ezt a házat Pilisvörösváron a Szent Erzsébet utcában, amikor én még általános iskolába jártam. (Régen volt!) Azóta sem készült el. Az okokról keringtek mendemondák, de nem tudom, hogy mi az igazság!

Cette maison en construction est dans cet état depuis plus de vingt ans. Elle ne sera vraisemblablement jamais achevée, mais nous ne savons pas exactement pourquoi.


Anonymous said...

Somebody must have run out of money and are unable to finish it. Maybe they failed to get the right building permits. It is a shame to see some hope and dreams just waste away.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

We have many of those unfinished houses here in Montego Bay.

The reasons for their being unfinished are many:
1. The owners run out of money
2. The contractors don't adhere to the design plan and end up with a serious building flaw...which sometimes means that the building must be torn down.
3. The owners sometimes do not take proper surveys of the land beforehand and end up with a building that encroaches on a neighbour's land. The neighbour gets a court order to stop construction.
4. The owners (who are usually Jamaicans residing in another country who decide to return to live in Jamaica) decide they no longer want to return to live here.

sam said...

what a shame, it looks like it would have been lovely. The death of somebody's dreams.