November 4, 2007



A lot of people here have pigs, chickens and rabbits at home. They are bred and then, eaten. Here you really know what you eat (sometimes you know also what it's name was)!

Egy disznó! Sokan még ma is tartanak malacot, csirkét és nyulat otthon. Mi is! Egész évben etetjük, majd télen levágjuk és megesszük.

Beaucoup de gens ici ont des cochons, poulets et lapins chez eux. Ils les élèvent, puis les mangent. Ici, on sait vraiment ce qu'on mange (parfois même on sait quel était son nom)!


Jackie said...

I'm glad I'm vegetarian - I don't think I'd want to know what my dinner's name was!

Anonymous said...

That is the way I was raised up. We killed our own meat and had our own eggs. Now everything is different. I like your pig photo.


Annie said...

When I was a girl I raised some pigs. They were bought from me and only later did I learn that they were bought to be eaten. That was a bit of a trauma.

Anonymous said...

Well, life is hard....if we would know what we usually have on our plates we would not be realy glad...I like the way pigs are treated in my hometown (Pilisvörösvár) we have also killed with Kati and some friends 2 years ago a nice pig, it had brown hair it is a very healthy type of pig it ios called Mangalica, it taste like wildmeat and is relay tasty....cheers miki

Anonymous said...


hívhatod mangalicának, de emlékeim szerint az inkább Sportdisznó volt...

cheers, Andor

Anonymous said...

mi az a sportdisznó? Az egy rendes kis Mangi vót!!!
Ahj poplácsek