November 18, 2007



MOL, the biggest hungarian petroleum society will go through these fields with gas pipelines. Before they do this, these people are looking for bombs here, and they say there are still many remaining from the last world war.

Bombát keresnek! A Mol - sajnos - gázvezetéket fog fekteni a határban. Bombát keresnek, nehogy az építés során találjanak meg a markolók egyet.

MOL, la plus grosse compagnie pétrolière de Hongrie, va faire passer à travers ces champs des pipelines pour le gaz. Avant de commencer les travaux, ces gens recherchent des bombes dans les champs. Selon eux, il en reste encore beaucoup datant de la dernière guerre mondiale.


Zsolt said...

and did they find anything? hopefully not. The other day they have found a lot of bombs from the II. World War here near to our place under the tramway rails.

Elise said...

I don't know if they found anything! Khádi thinks they did, and actually they seemed pretty sure they would find something.