April 14, 2008


This is not a giant butterfly, but Terranova's quarry. This company produces facade coatings.

Ez nem egy pillangó, hanem a Terranova bányaterülete.

Ceci n'est pas un papillon géant, mais la carrière de Terranova. Cette compagnie produit des revêtements de façade.


Rambling Round said...

Sure looks like a butterfly from the air. Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Szerintem egy tüdőre (pejsl) hasonlít.

Nathalie said...

Spectacular image!

And yesterday's pig was interesting too. First time I've seen a pig with curly hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha elforgatod balra 90 fokkal, akkor pedíg a világ legnagyobb birodalmi sasa:D

Gwyn said...

Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!
Which one of the contributors is a pilot?
Incredible Photo! It almost looked like a swan under water when I first saw it on the portal.

Elise said...

I guess then that we can say for kris who commented on the mangalica, that he has his swan with an afro ! None of us is a pilot, we both took a little plane and flew above the town. I was very scared, but Khádi said she will do it again!

Anonymous said...

Dani, ha nem írod alá akkor is könnyű lett volna beazonosítai, különben tök igazad van! Ahoj M