December 15, 2007



The car was frozen this morning! Today it is snowing in Pilisvörösvár, we hope we can tomorrow show a snowy landscape.

Reggeli fagy az autón! Pilisvörösváron ma esik a hó, remélem holnap már fagy helyett havat is tudunk mutatani.

Vue à travers les vitres de la voiture ce matin... Il neige aujourd'hui, espérons que nous pourrons demain montrer la neige et non juste la glace.


Steve Buser said...

Love the ice crystals. Living down in this warm climate, I don't see much of this
--steve buser
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Erik said...

Translated we call these "ice flowers" here in Holland. I prefer seeing them in a picture rather than on my car, though.

Pat said...

Great photo! I saw another photo like that from England on the Photography Cafe and it was truly a work of art.

I must try it sometime. Thanks for sharing!


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Matthieu said...

Jolie photographie, de circonstance pour cette saison dans l'hémisphère nord.