October 9, 2008

Kóbor kutya

A street dog, which has found a home since this picture was taken!

Ein streunender Hund, den der hiesige Chorleiter bei sich aufgenommen hat.

Kóbor kutya, akit azóta a helyi kántor befogadott! Köszönet neki!

Un chien errant, qui a depuis cette photo trouvé un foyer!


Jilly said...

Unfortunately I don't speak Hungarian so I don't know what you've written. Perhaps he is a street dog. He looks like a Berger Pyrenees - from south western France,but surely he's just a sheepdog of some sort.

Elise said...

Sorry, I wrote my part very late today! You're right Jilly, he's a street dog that we used to see always in the same area, and we were so glad to learn that he found a home!

Randy said...

What a cute dog. I would have taken him home if I came across him too.